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Hansika has many talents we are told. Not that she could only act and dance, she is also quite a painter and is not content to paint only as a hobby. 

Hansika wants to put her talent to good use and has decided to have an exhibition for her paintings. She wants to have her proceedings from the arts exhibition to be contributed to a worthy cause.

"There are so many elderly people in the country who lack basic essentials like food and a place to live. It would be a dream come true to provide for the elderly," said Hansika adding that she'd use the funds  raised from her exhibition to build a home for old people, who are alone and do not have the means to look after themselves. 

Hansika is working hard to bring her plans to bear and it would be her dream coming true if she succeeds in providing for the elderly.

Hansika truly has her heart in the right place! 

The actress is currently awaiting the release of OKOK and is shooting with STR for Vettai Mannan.


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