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The first trailer of Rowdy Rathore was released yesterday amidst much fanfare in an open ground where Akshay Kumar in his rowdy look entertained the media with his dance moves and dialogues. However, as the original trailer was leaked on the internet over the weekend, the surprise element of a new trailer was certainly missing.

Nevertheless, like we promised you, here’s the first trailer of Akshay Kumar’s much-awaited film Rowdy Rathore, directed by the Wanted director Prabhu Deva.

The trailer of Rowdy Rathore starts with a boom -- Akshay Kumar as Rowdy Rathore is introduced to us as someone who is “unstoppable” and “unbeatable”. Akshay picks up fights with goons in the style of a typical south Indian action star, aptly emulated by Salman Khan in his recent action films. More than the hard-to-believe stunts, the entertainment lies in the punchy one-liners.

Akshay Kumar indulges in some heavyweight dialogue delivery in the film: Apun Ka Fatka, Chaar Sou Chaalis Watt Ka Jhatka. He fears no one, Naam Rathore, Vikram Rathore.

The three-minute trailer also has Sonakshi Sinha oozing oomph in desi clothes. The scene in which she makes an entry is quite unique. Akshay is shown rewinding his mind (which he does funnily through his finger) to see her once again. Also the scene where he is after ladoos and Sonakshi, also evokes laughter! Sonakshi Sinha’s doe-eyed beauty and alluring charisma adds freshness to the trailer because she is back after a year and half, and this time is sharing screen space with Akshay.

The trailer with its folksy tune has all the right elements that would help create the buzz for the film. Catch Akshay Kumar’s rowdiness and his “ladoo” romance with Sonakshi Sinha in this first trailer of Rowdy Rathore:


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