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Check out the sexy new item girl Nathalia Kaur heating up RGV's cop thriller 'Department' with her first item song, ‘Dan Dan Cheeni’.

Granted Nathalia Kaur boasts a pair of sexy legs to put a lot of self anointed sex bombs to shame, but that is pretty much the only good thing about the raunchy number ‘Dan Dan Cheeni’. For an item song is not just about looking sexy. More than that it’s about grooving to the beat with a no-moves-barred spirit that doesn’t come through in Nathalia’s jig.

The girl’s body, however sexy, is stiff, and her gyration stilted. She seems like someone too suave for a full-on desi item song. Add to that a pretty ordinary composition she’s made to dance to. There’s a touch of ‘Chikni Chameli’ in the number, with all those catcalls and wolf-whistles going on in the background.

Ram Gopal Varma, the film’s director, has been lavishing praise upon praise on Nathalia Kaur as the new “ITEM BOMB” of Bollywood.

Watch the item song and tell us if she’s as groovy as touted to be.


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