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The latest buzz doing the rounds in Kollywood is that Vishal has found his soul mate in none other than Sarath Kumar's daughter, Varalaxmi.

Sources say that the two have apparently been seeing each other for the last six months and that Vishal's father is allegedly not too pleased about this liaison.

According to an industry source, the relationship had reached a point recently where there was even discussion of marriage and Vishal confided in his father, producer G K Reddy. It seems Vishal's father was not happy with this development and the two weren't on the best of terms for a while. "Vishal's father was not pleased that he wanted to marry Sarath Kumar's daughter after the two had a fallout. Post this argument with his father, Vishal was not going home for a while. He was staying at a house he has bought in a posh locality and would would sometimes sleep in the office too," said the source.

The once-close family friends, Sarath Kumar and G K Reddy, have worked together on several films. "The last film that G K Reddy produced and Sarath Kumar starred in was I love India. This film ran into losses and it looks like their relationship also soured," added the source.

When we contacted Vishal, he said, "No, I'm not seeing Varalaxmi or anyone else. It might sound cliched, but we're just good friends and we hang out together with the same gang of friends. I've known her for the past 20 years. We go out for dinners and catch movies with the same group of friends, which is perhaps the reason for people talking about us."

He added, "I'm very much single. I would be more than happy to disclose my girlfriend's identity, when I have one. But now, there's no girl in my life."


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