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Vidya Balan has shocked a lot of fans with her bold display of female sexuality in a skimpy blouse with a low neckline in the first look of her movie The Dirty Picture.

Vidya clearly is a woman of amusing contradictions. See her at any public event and she makes for a picture of this prim, proper, cultured and typical bhartiya nari. But this image calls for a total overhaul when you see her stripping off her sari in a raunchy teaser from The Dirty Picture, in which she plays the role of the south sex bomb Silk Smitha.

“I've always loved my curves and curves love Silk,” Vidya Balan said when the film’s first look came out.

Shocking though Vidya’s unabashed display of her curves may be, if you look at her filmography you will realize that Vidya has never shied away from bold acts on screen, be it smooching her co-stars, mouthing vulgar expletives, or even going topless for a calendar.

Don’t believe us? Check out Vidya’s many bold acts ahead.


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