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As the newly appointed director of Human Rights for the Women and Children Welfare department, actress Eesha Koppikhar has set out to form her own team for the department. Koppikhar says that she needs 25 volunteers to work on a part-time basis and she is still recruiting.

“I am the 25th member and we are badly looking for volunteers who are ready to work for the cause of women and children in this state. We already have a plan in place on how we are going to work but what I desperately need are eager hands to work with me. I would like to take this opportunity to extend an open to invitation to all boys and girls to join me in this movement. I am keen to recruit girls since this is for the welfare of women and children in the state,” she says. Koppikhar is still short of 10 members.

The actress says that she has been busy attending various meetings with senior officials of the home department, where she has discussed her plans in detail. Koppikhar says that she has not been allotted an office by the state government yet but that will not stop her from starting her work.

“I am planning to operate from my own office in Bandra, (she has already ventured in the hospitality business as an entrepreneur) which will also double up as the office of the director of Human Rights for Women and Children. I haven’t been told yet whether I will be allotted an office or not but I am planning to start work as soon as I can,” she adds.

The actress says that she will be working on a purely honorary basis and won’t be taking a salary at all. The Maharashtra government has decided to provide her infrastructural support in her work.

“You can say this is kind of a social work where you will get to work with people who need you the most and the state government will back you in all your efforts. I urge those interested to send me an email through my website. I need educated girls to back me in this effort,” she reiterates.


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