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Rom-coms have always seemed to work in favour of actress-turned producer Preity Zinta. After all, films like Saalam Namaste and Dil Chahta Hai were some of her biggest hits till date. So, when she turned producer, it was perhaps only natural that Preity was biased towards this genre to kick start her production house.

A source close to Zinta says that chances are high that her debut film as a producer will also be a breezy romantic-comedy, which will give the audiences enough chances to flash their own dimples. “Preity thinks that today’s audience connects with rom-coms and that they are ageless. She has finalised on such a script that will be directed by Prem Soni. The film is fresh in its idea and, of course, Preity thinks that this is going to work with the audience.”

The actress is also apparently considering making another film which she doesn’t want to discuss because it is still in the planning stage. “The second film that she will be making is a little different and is still in the planning stage, so she doesn’t want to talk about it yet. But Preity doesn’t want to move drastically away from formula films. Preity wants to make out-and-out commercial films for the time being.”

With the launch of her production house, it is expected that the actress will now devote more time to the company than her cricketing duties but the source says that it is not the case.

“There’s no question that Preity will appoint somebody to look after her cricketing responsibilities. She is totally clued in there also. We are all wondering how she will manage both, but she is confident of her abilities.”


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