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It seems that actress Tisca Chopra is now trying to cut loose from the tag of a dedicated mother, a character she is still remembered for playing in the hit film Taare Zameen Par.

And Chopra has already started working in that direction. She recently played a glamorous socialite in the recently released Madhur Bhandarkar flick Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji and more lately as a psychiatrist in 404. Clearly, the lady doesn’t want to bind herself to typical homemaker roles and is now steering away from it too.

Talking about her roles, Chopra says, “In TZP and DTBHJ… I played a homemaker, though both had different priorities. In 404, for the first time I played a working professional. I played a psychiatrist and a teacher who is extremely intelligent and successful in her life. I took it as a challenge because after TZP, most people just wanted to cast me in a mother’s role. But now things are changing and filmmakers are coming to me with diverse and pulsating roles. Thanks to Madhur, I am not typecast anymore,” she laughs.

Chopra, who’s also been actively associated with theatre projects feels firmly that the stage culture isn’t dying. She claims, “I don’t feel that plays and theatre culture is fading. A good story will always work and there is an audience that religiously follows theatre. Though, I feel if theatre is marketed well, it has tremendous scope and can do much better than it is doing as of now.”

The energetic actress says that she is eager to do too many things and expand her horizon. But ask her if she will be okay with going a reality show and she shies away from it.

Says Chopra, “I don’t think that I have the mindset that is essential to be constantly in the public eye. I can host reality shows but I’m still uncomfortable to participate in one.” Quiz her about turning a scriptwriter, she replies, “I don’t know about that but I’d love to produce a good script in the near future.”


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