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Asin is a favorite among rumor mongers.

Asin is often linked to superstars in Bollywood and constantly talked about her donning a bikini in her forthcoming movies.

Although the actor has adorned very glamorous costumes in Bollywood when compared to her Tamil and Telugu movies, she has never gone vulgar.

Responding to such bikini rumors,

"I'm a very orthodox Christian and I always keeps my values intact whether I'm in Mumbai or even somewhere abroad," said Asin.

"In the future, even if I'm to wear a bikini in my private life, it wouldn't be without my life partner's consent," added Asin answering all the rumors in no uncertain words.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Sexy babe..i would love to see her in bikini or in skimpy clothes..she will look yummy.


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