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Looks like Upendra is headed for a make-over. If his actress-wife Priyanka has her way, Uppi will soon be seen in a new avatar in her first directorial.

"People often ask me how Uppi is as a person. Through my film, which will revolve around life and relationships, I intend to bring out his other side. He is often cast as the rough and tough guy but I want to show him as a romantic. Uppi seems to be impressed with the characterization and the story. But he will take a call only after I give him the final reading," she says.

Whether Uppi will act or not, his involvement is a given at every stage. "I am not all that much for escapist cinema and want to make one that is realistic and relatable. As I am trying to do something new, Uppi's inputs will be required at every stage. He will be helping me with the translation of the script from English to Kannada and the dialogues of course," she adds.

More than anything he is a great source of moral support she feels. "He was the one who gave me the confidence to direct. He felt only that way would the film shape up the way I would have conceptualized it while writing it."

Priyanka will also be turning producer with this film. Will she multi task by acting in it as well? "Not this time. And somehow I have a feeling that direction will give me greater satisfaction."

The film is likely to go on floors in April. "As my children have their summer break around that time, I can concentrate on the film. If all goes well we should start filming in April with Uppi in the lead," concludes a hopeful Priyanka.


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