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Producer KTVY Loganathan, who produced the recently released 3D adventure Ambuli is very happy about the way the film has been received.

The producer further expressed his excitement towards the amazing response that Ambuli has been receiving since day one of release. He further added that Ambuli's success has encouraged him to produce the film's sequel too.

Ambuli 3D, the first ever stereoscopic Tamil 3D film has been received very well with more positive reviews. The film that ended with a open climax for a possible sequel is now about to be materialized and the same producer of KTVR Creative Reels will produce this venture too.

While in Ambuli the directors Hareesh Narayan and Hari Shankar had only used the technical expertise to reach the public, in the second they are planning to rope in some top stars. While the first part was set in a village, the sequel will be set in a city.

The directors said that they will announce the lead star very soon.


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