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Jeeva Shankar, an erstwhile assistant of late cinematographer turned director Jeeva is soaking in with good reviews for his directorial debut 'Naan' produced by Music Director turned Actor Vijay Antony.

Acclaimed as a crime thriller starring Vijay Antony alongside Siddharth, Rupa Manjari and Anuya Bhagvath in the lead, 'Naan' is attracting more audience day-by-day with an astounding response.

The director inspired by 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' is lauded for his taut scripting and screenplay that makes his maiden venture a nail biting thriller of its kind in Tamil cinema.

Rumor has it that director Jeeva Shankar is now gearing up for the sequel of the film after it being well appreciated by celebrities and audience alike, but the director has clarified that he is not. Though he has an idea of making a sequel looking at the response, he mentioned that he is presently working on a different script and that the details about his next project will be announced soon.

'Naan' is running successfully to packed houses leaving its audience to their imagination with a climax that is to be continued. The success and the reviews that film has garnered makes the production of a sequel seem very inevitable but only time would say if the same would materialize.

Lets await news on the sequel while we go la la la listening to Vijay Antony's chartbuster "Makkayala Makkayala kaaya maahuva" from the OST of the film.


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