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Mysskin’s super hero film is all set to release on Friday the 31st.

In a pre-release press meet of the film, director Mysskin expressed how he is looking at the overall product comparing 'Mugamoodi' to old MGR films, where MGR even after getting thrashed severely by the villain, rises again and defeats the evil.

“Jiiva plays people’s savior in 'Mugamoodi'. He gets beaten up to death but still rises up with hope for the ultimate face off like the old films of MGR days. That is exactly how I have made this film and it doesn’t look bad at all,” opened up director Mysskin.

“I don’t mind people watching this film on pirated DVDs. It is just that it will not look good and you will finally end up watching the film in theaters. So, I would recommend you to save that 20 bucks you spend on pirated DVDs and watch it in theaters,” advised the director.


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