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The ‘mystery’ woman who had arranged for cricketers Rahul Sharma and Wayne Parnell to be present during the rave party at Juhu’s Oakwood Premier hotel that was raided on Sunday, has been identified by the cops. They mentioned of the number of people detained during this operation arresting the establishment’s director and 19 foreign nationals with six of them being IPL cheer girls.

The woman, Namrata Kumar is a public relations executive working for a magazine and had got in touch with Parnell through one of his friends, model and actress Sofia Hayat. The former got acquainted to Sofia when the model had posed for a photo shoot of the magazine.

According to police officers, Namrata Kumar, who was assigned to make the party glamorous and attractive had asked Hayat to attend the event and also bring her friend Parnell knowing that the South African cricketer would have few more players joining the bash.

In the statement to the police, Wayne Parnell, the South African cricketer had confirmed that he was invited by a friend, who knew a PR representative for the event. He said that he was invited being told that it was a birthday party.

When Namrata Kumar was called by Juhu police to record her statement, She reportedly told cops that she was responsible for inviting high-profile guests and celebrities to the party as a PR execitive. She admitted that she knew nothing about the drugs.

When contacted Sofia, she said that she knew Parnell as a friend, but has no connection with Rahul Sharma.

“I was going to meet Wayne at the party at 7 pm, but before I could reach, the police had begun the raid,” said the bold model adding that she was aware the South African did not smoke or drink.

Police officers, however, said Sofia Hayat was present along with Parnell when they raided the hotel. But when they reached the terrace, she had gone down to the lobby to receive a few guests and left the venue as she learnt about the raid.

Sofia Hayat denied her involvement and had refused to comment about having invited her South African cricketer friend Parnell for the party.


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